I Guess I’m Gardening This Year

It was nice to not garden last year, but I feel weird about just letting parts of my yard become weed-infested crap holes. So, my plan is to simplify. Except for the peonies, the big bed is going back to lawn. I’m going to run a jessamine up the bottle tree and, yet again, plant some hollyhocks along the shed and hope they come up. I don’t know why it’s been difficult to get them to come back there, but it has been.

I’m moving the hydrangea from the front yard, I think. When they were put in, there was a giant tree in the front yard to give them some afternoon shade, but that tree’s gone. So, I’m going to move them to the north-east side of the house, where a hydrangea is already flourishing. I may put a climbing rose in that spot and let it drape across the railing.

Then I need to plant the front bed. I need to till it first, but I’m hoping to replace all the crap that died last winter. We’ll see.

One thought on “I Guess I’m Gardening This Year

  1. Hollyhocks are weird. We had them around the deck at the old house and they went crazy except on one side where they always just….barely….made it. We never figured out a way around it. I tried to plant some at this house and they just refused to grow. If you get yours to work I would be interested to hear what you tried.

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