Ghost Graduation

Trying to find a good spooky movie on Netflix is always something of a challenge. So, when we saw that a movie stupidly titled “Ghost Graduation” had over four stars, we were unconvinced. (The best horror movies on Netflix usually have a rating just under three stars, for some reason.)

But we watched it.

And it was fantastic! It was like, kind of, if Beetlejuice and The Breakfast Club had an affair and left their baby in Spain to be raised by rabid Bonnie Tyler fans.

I would love to know why Spain churns out such satisfying ghost stories. I thought The Orphanage was tremendous, intensely satisfying, and utterly horrible.

There are so many ghost stories I love–The Orphanage, The Haunting of Hill House, The Red Tree, Lake Mungo, The Devil’s Backbone–that I keep thinking I would like to try my hands at one. Not that I don’t already write ghost stories, but something spooky and sad and lovely.


3 thoughts on “Ghost Graduation

  1. I share your sentiment about Netflix…you never know when the ratings are reliable, for any movie. Ghost Graduation sounds awesome…I will have to check it out.

  2. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! The Orphanage!!!!! I still have flashbacks to when I watched that–WITH MY SMALL BOY CHILD SLEEPING ON MY LAP!!!!!! Such a bad choice. I cried until I had two palpable tracks of salt crust running down my cheeks. And I think I dribbled most of the tears on his head while clutching him and rocking back and forth. Yikes.

    (There’s a brief window when they’re still small enough to sleep through anything, but old enough to sleep for hours at a time, when you can watch movies at night that aren’t animated. I used it unwisely, in this case.)

    But it’s a great horror movie! Just an exceptionally bad one for new parents.

    Will check out Ghost Graduation. Love the description.

  3. Let me just be clear that Ghost Graduation is a comedy and not at all spooky. Still, I found it incredibly charming.

    Jess, I can’t even imagine. I loved it, but I don’t think I could watch it again. It was just too horrible. And to have your son on your lap?!?! Nope. I can’t even imagine. I’m scarred for you.

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