Curly Butt

I know it’s not nice to make fun of your dog, but Sonnyboy gets this adorable curl on his butt, like he has a butt cowlick and it just warms my whole heart. This morning I sang him a song about the importance of pooping outside, even if you don’t like sinking into the mud to do it. He seemed unimpressed by the song’s sound reasoning. At least, he didn’t poop when I had him outside.

I did get out yesterday and check the ice damage on the magnolia. We lost three branches. I cut them off completely. It looks to me like the top one broke and took the other two out with it on the way down, but considering how healthy the tree looked otherwise, I imagine the spot will fill in before long.

The dog watched me from the porch and then, I took him off-leash and he jumped around like a bunny.

Still didn’t poop, though.

I just can’t help but wonder who would get rid of a dog that awesome. But, if he really was kind of left to hang out with himself in a pen (which I suspect), I guess they never noticed how cool he is.

Considering the amount of awesome, fun, quirky animals who’ve been overlooked by whoever had them first that I’ve really enjoyed having in my life, I wonder if I should have looked for a spouse that way. But looking back on it, I don’t recall ever seeing anyone just standing in my garage or tied to a tree by their current wife.