Why I’m Not Reading Absalom, Absalom

Faulkner is all “virgins” and “niggers.” And fuck that shit. The one word hardly needs discussion. But the other–I think that Faulkner is fascinated by the idea of a woman’s body that no one has ever been inside of.

And that’s the problem with all his women, isn’t it? A man being inside of one ruins her. But he can’t imagine that there was always already a person in that woman’s body. And that, for that reason, virginity as he understands it, doesn’t exist.

This Dog. Oh, This Dog.

Some weeks you start out with the dog about pulling your arm off, twice. And you end with a walk where he doesn’t tug or pull at all and he listens when you call to him, as if he thinks the whole point of the walk is you and him together having fun doing what you ask him to do.