Why I’m Not Reading Absalom, Absalom

Faulkner is all “virgins” and “niggers.” And fuck that shit. The one word hardly needs discussion. But the other–I think that Faulkner is fascinated by the idea of a woman’s body that no one has ever been inside of.

And that’s the problem with all his women, isn’t it? A man being inside of one ruins her. But he can’t imagine that there was always already a person in that woman’s body. And that, for that reason, virginity as he understands it, doesn’t exist.

4 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Reading Absalom, Absalom

  1. All that is true. And I do not love Faulkner myself. But I always remind myself that Toni Morrison does, despite it all.

  2. Faulkner is hard. I mean, look, there’s some reprehensible shit going on there. I’ve always found it hard to separate the literary value from the reprehensible shit. I know it’s there, but, dang.

  3. I am really grateful to have read AS I LAY DYING and THE SOUND AND THE FURY when I did, but I swear, I just… I tried to get into ABSALOM and was just like “I could literally be reading anything else in my house” and that seemed like a better idea.

  4. Wow, his hatred of men must be staggering, to portray having sex with one even once as some kind of horrific defilement.

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