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The dog went to the vet on Saturday. He behaved exactly how you would expect him to. He barked at everyone when I left him in the car so that I could get the paperwork sorted. He honked the horn at me. Oh, he was tickled and surprised to pull that off. Then, he peed on the vet’s floor. He acted like a complete wild nincompoop. They had to lift him up so his back legs were off the ground to keep him from squirming away while they vaccinated him. He sniffed some other dog’s junk and tried to lick it. Perhaps even succeeded.

And then he took a huge dump right outside the vet’s door.

And he’s on a diet–2-3 cups of food a day (two in the morning and, if there’s none in the bowl in the evening, he can have a third cup, but, if there is food in the bowl, no adding to it), only one treat a day, and no people food. Strict no people food orders. He has to get down to 100 lbs.

He has worms. He has the “a mosquito bit you” kind and the “you eat poop, don’t you?” kind.

When the Butcher went to pick up the medicine for the worms, they advised him to wrap the pill in cheese.

“Isn’t that a ‘people food’?” my smart-ass brother asked.

2 thoughts on “People Food

  1. Our cat was waaay overweight because he would eat as long as there was food around, and my mom (previous owner) had always left his food out. He was eating typical dry cat food. So we put him on wet food, reasonable amounts 3x a day, and now he’s a slim kitty. The funny thing is, we got a new (young) cat who had been a stray and had learned to scavenge. Young Cat will follow you around waiting for you to drop something, or try to get into the trash, and he’s taught that trick to Old Cat, who never did either before. He has also taught him that standing outside the glass door at night is an excellent way to catch and eat bugs attracted to the light. But the overall calorie bump seems to be small enough not to matter.

  2. I think Sonnyboy’s weight issue is two-fold. We’re definitely giving him too much people food. I mean, rarely the week goes by that he hasn’t eaten a slice of pizza or a hamburger. And the scoop we got for his food, which I thought was like 1 1/2 cups was closer to 2 1/2 cups. So, where he should have been eating 3 cups of food a day, he was probably getting closer to 5. Oops. We’re probably lucky he’s just ten pounds overweight at that rate.

    So, now he’s down to a definite two cups in the morning, one in the evening. But I can tell he can tell he’s not eating as much, because it’s definitely caused more scrounging around in the kitchen when he thinks no one is paying attention.

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