I have purchased some notecards, so that I can plot and arrange my plot and rearrange it.

I think I told y’all about the time we went to Rhode Island and I woke up because I hear someone calling my name and then I heard a clock strike 2, but there was no clock and the room the person was calling me from was just an old boiler room?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how unscary that was while it was happening. Nothing seemed unusual or out of the ordinary. It was only upon learning that there was no clock, no person, that it became unsettling.

So, somehow reflection has to be involved for a ghost to work, I think. Somehow you have to know things are out of the ordinary. Otherwise, how would you ever know it was a ghost?


2 thoughts on “Notecards

  1. Maybe not even reflection so much as realization. Like when you see a person, and he seems perfectly ordinary, and you aren’t scared at all, and then he disappears into thin air, and you’re freaked out because IN NORMAL LIFE PEOPLE DON’T DISAPPEAR. I think it’s the realization that something out of the ordinary is happening — that’s the moment when it can freak you out.

  2. Yeah, I think that’s a better way to put it. The scariness is in the moment of realization, whenever that happens, and it often doesn’t come with the beginning of the strange thing.

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