One hard thing about this year, for whatever reason, has been weird class stuff going on. Or, I don’t know. That may be too strong a word for it. I guess I just notice more and more that I, say, could use $100 to replace my wheel cover or the front of my oven and I kind of feel proud because I could put $100 toward either of those things, if I had to.

But there’s always something else a little more necessary in the house, so I haven’t gotten around to it.

I’m constantly aware of how big a change that is from the days when there’d be no money for anything, necessary or not.

But lately there just seems to be a lot of stuff where the people I’m talking about talk about $100 the way I talk about $10.

And sometimes it makes me feel like I’m among strangers whose customs I don’t understand.

It’s tough.

2 thoughts on “Note

  1. Every so often I hang out with people that are in a whole ‘nother money class than me. And they will drop huge(to me) amounts of money on electronics. And I’m just gobsmacked by the thought of having that much money to toss away.

    (And it makes me kind of sad because anything I get and am thrilled by is such small potatoes in comparison. Which is totally my problem, not anyone else’s.)

  2. Yeah, the other day I overheard someone talking about a project and she was like “And we could each chip in $4000, which is nothing and we’d get it back as soon as it started to sell” and I was just like… wow, I don’t know how I’d ever remotely make sense of someone saying that to me.

    And I’m hugely excited about the June event, but I just don’t know anyone who would spend $100 a person on an evening. Or who would have it to spend. It’s for a good cause. So, I know these feelings are all, like you said, my problem and not anyone else’s, but I’m having a really hard time with my feelings. I kind of feel like maybe I’m not rich enough to be a member of the artistic community.

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