Reading the Tea Leaves

–I think my Isaac Franklin piece is pretty good. I’m curious and nervous about the editing stage. I don’t know if they’ll let it stand or if they talked me out of it, but I didn’t use the term “black people” in the piece at all. Just “people” and then, when needed, “white people.” That’s the one thing I came away from the Ben & Sue project most firmly convinced of. Who just get to be “people” in a story is who the reader identifies with. The [adjective] people always seem like someone other than where the reader’s sympathy is expected to lie.

–I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed that everything stays on track for The Wolf’s Bane.

–The trick with needing more yarn at this point in an afghan is that there’s always the temptation to revise the plan, to change the idea behind the afghan. Like maybe the rest of the squares should just be solid colors? But you can’t change horses mid-stream. Well, you can, but it’s a bad idea. The chaos of the Hill House afghan must carry us through.

Hill House Afghan Update of Doomish Not-Badness

I have, indeed, run out of yarn. If the afghan is going to be 6×8, which it needs to be unless C&M are planning to shrink themselves down to half their original sizes at some point in the near future, I need 48 squares. I have 29.

So, fine, I need more yarn. Which I knew this weekend and I didn’t bother to take care of business.

My own fault.

But that means that, in order to keep moving forward on the afghan while we watch TV, I am… I can barely bring myself to say it… tucking ends on the 29 squares.

Yes. Willingly tucking ends ahead of time.

I don’t even recognize myself.