Gun Shots

I woke up to the sound of gun fire, five shots in quick succession. There might have been a shot that woke me up. I don’t know. I sat there in the dark waiting for any sign that I needed to do something–crying, screaming, voices of any sort, a car driving off. A little while later, a car honked, but I have no idea if they were connected.

My first thought was, “Well, that has to be the end of the red dog.”

But the Butcher says he doesn’t see anything out there. He also thought, if the shots came that close together, the person might not have been aiming that well.

3 thoughts on “Gun Shots

  1. Well, that’s exciting.
    If it had been daylight I would have thought target shooting. (I had that this weekend-a barrage of rifle shots ending with something big enough that it was really loud. But at least there were no spent bullets whistling overhead. That’s happened twice and it’s unnerving.)

  2. Out here, I would say we most often hear gunshots early in the morning (during hunting season) or right after dark. I always imagine the right after dark gunshots are people who’ve opened their doors to take their garbage out and saw something too close to the house that they didn’t want there–raccoons or coyotes. But that’s usually just two or three shots. And they almost always happen with a big pause between the first and rest of the shots. Like they’re checking to see if they hit it and then realizing, oh damn, they didn’t.

    These were spaced evenly and very close together. I still think it was just my neighbor seeing something too close to the house that made him jumpy. But the amount he drinks, I admit that it makes me nervous that he shoots at night at all. I have no confidence in his remembering how close to him the rest of us are.

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