The Hill House Afghan Has Me in Its Thrall

All morning, I’ve been sitting here thinking that, even though I can, at best, do four squares an evening, if I left work early, I could get six done and then I would know if I had enough yarn for seven more.

I can’t actually leave work early, because I have a ton of stuff to do.

But I hear the siren call of the afghan, luring me to come and finish it.

Still, it could be worse. I could be sitting here fretting over the fact that it’s a mere 17 days until The Wolf’s Bane is supposed to come out.


The Deer

This morning, as we came out of the garage, the dog took off like a shot–fhwoosh–though our yard, the neighbor’s yard, and the neighbor’s neighbor’s yard. A young buck lifted his head up and leaped off across the AT&T yard. The dog chased after him. I yelled, “What are you going to do with him if you do catch him?” and this seemed to dissuade the dog from running further. He circled back around to me and we went on our walk like normal.

He’s so beautiful when he runs. I’d hardly believe he hadn’t been chasing deer his whole life if I hadn’t seen how bad he was at running when we first got him.

The Hill House afghan has a kind of weird field-like quality to it. I guess anything with rows is bound to. We’re reaching the end. I have 57 squares. I’m aiming for 70, but I don’t know if I have enough yarn. So, now my goal is to make it to 63 and reassess where I am yarn-wise, see if I think I have enough to make it to 70. It’ll be a very, very close call. But I’m really excited about putting it together and seeing how it looks.