The Hill House Afghan is Done!

You spend so long making squares that you forget how easy it is to put those squares together. I finished this up while I was on the phone with the Professor. I’m going to try to get a better picture after I make my bed. I guess I could just go make my bed…

Anyway, I’m really pleased with how it turned out. My fear of any variegated yarn is how cheesy and cheap it can look. You know what I mean, that kind of, here’s a block of color, there’s a block of color, making an ugly pattern. Somehow, no matter how beautiful the yarn looks in the skein, it just looks cheap worked up. To my eye, this pattern solves the problem of the cheap looking variegated yarn.

Not that the yarn isn’t cheap. This is all Red Heart, which is pretty dang inexpensive. I probably made this afghan for $40 in materials, and that’s probably an estimate on the high side. But I love Red Heart yarn for afghans because you can afford to get a lot of it, it’s pretty indestructible, you can wash and dry it without needing any fancy instructions, and it softens up nicely as you wash it. But I also love that you can push it into something this beautiful. It almost looks like some kind of cubist take on an afghan.


2 thoughts on “The Hill House Afghan is Done!

  1. For some reason, seeing it sewn together makes the light tan pop more. It gives it a whole different look than earlier pictures. I really like the slant/twist pattern-it’s just a bit unsettling but not too much.

  2. That’s one of the things that really struck me about this afghan. It does look a lot different put together than it did, even when I laid out the squares to make sure it was big enough. You’d think it couldn’t be that different, but it really is. I’m really curious about trying this pattern, but with solid colors, just to see, too, how that might look.

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