The Hill House Afghan Disaster

I am crushed and sick to my stomach. I have never, ever, ever had an afghan do this. At first, I was like, maybe it’s just a matter of fixing this square, which kind of made me want to throw up, but at least it was a solution. But they’re all doing this. Every square. That damn starting stitch, which was so hard to learn and it didn’t have a knot, but it seemed solid. I should have known. I just should have fucking known. This “no knots” bullshit in crochet is what leads to this.

I don’t even know how to begin to fix this. I think the afghan is a total loss. FUUUUUUUuuuuuck. I loved this beautiful, weird afghan. And I’m bummed I have to show up to see C & M empty-handed.

I think the thing that most pisses me off is knowing that it’s just best to throw this away and start over. I mean, it’s also good. It’s Red Heart yarn. It’s not expensive. And the time it would take to frog it is more precious than the money it would take to repurchase the yarn and redo it. But it was so much work and I loved it. And it can’t be saved.


the Death of the Hill House Afghan


5 thoughts on “The Hill House Afghan Disaster

  1. My eyes just bugged out of my head a little bit! That is some bad design. Some bad, bad, untested design. I’m so sorry for you. This sucks.

  2. I just keep looking at this in disbelief. Apparently it kept secrets in the not quite square-ness.

  3. It also shocks me because I would have bet you money before this that our washer didn’t do a very good job of agitating clothes. And yet, either my washer sometimes works or this was ready to give way at the slightest provocation.

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