It Was Wonderful!

People came out and they bought books and I saw a lot of people I know and a lot of people I didn’t know. It was so much fun to see how excited people were about just how good it looked. I read a little and then everyone sang Happy Birthday to me and it was marvelous.

I wore the blue dress the Professor insisted I buy a million years ago, but I was too chickenshit to wear it before now. But then I put it on and I thought, “Well, I’m being brave in all kinds of ways, let’s just fucking be brave.”

And, if I looked too grossly rashy no one mentioned it.

The two best parts of the evening were when the little kids all played werewolf and howled in the front area and when I gave the book to Tom, who let me insinuate in the book that he’s a werewolf, and he was so delighted and surprised. It was really wonderful.


3 thoughts on “It Was Wonderful!

  1. Your book reading/celebration/hootenanny was stellar, ma’am, and a great testament to the artists who manifested your words in their art and their bookmaking. As I told you and others, the paperback version is a gorgeous piece itself, but the … well, would we call it hardbound? … the *expanded* edition is breathtaking.

    Both of the editions — and I don’t know how they did it, but bless ’em and all they do for accomplishing it — make the reader immediately want to touch the covers and still be more than a little wary of getting close to the book. Sort of like the way you’d react to a *real* wolf. :)

    The folks at East Side Story (woo-hoo!) handled everything beautifully, and I hope you get to work with them on your future projects. (The paw prints on the sidewalk leading up the path were *genius*. The wolf padded up to the door and transformed before everyone arrived? Why not?!?)

    Maybe y’all can have a reading and exhibit between ESS and the art gallery before Halloween and sell a few limited editions of the prints and more of the books. Whee!

    Congratulations again to you on the fulfillment of uncounted hours of work. It’s grand to see good people finally get a neckhug from the fates.


  2. Yay for you!

    I came to your book signing in East Nasty at that big coffee house a couple years ago. I’ve moved back to Maryland, but I still follow you, and I’m so happy for you!

    That fancy book is fabulous and amazing, and you should be very proud.

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