The Wolf Gets a Twitter Account

If you also have a Twitter account, you can follow it here. I’m not going to have time over lunch to get stuff set up how I want, but I think I’m going to schedule posts for the midnight hour. Stuff from the book, maybe some photos of relevant locations, we’ll see.


Things Coming Along

I am done tail-tucking on the octagons and about halfway through with the squares. I should begin piecing things together this weekend, I imagine. I was going to sew my seams, but I’m now leaning toward crocheting them, just for strength. I swear to god, if this falls apart in the wash, I’m going to quit crocheting and become a weaver or something.

No, not until I have a workable Hill House afghan to give to C. & M. I have been wondering if I should call the afghan Hill House 2 or Return to Hill House. I like Return to Hill House.

I’m also fairly far along in my third attempt at a first chapter on Ashland. I’m taking it slow. Letting it be nerdy. Not aiming for more than a thousand words in any sitting.

I’m wondering if I should start a The Wolf’s Bane twitter or something. I could tweet the beasts from the bestiary or something. Just to drum up interest. I don’t know how to schedule tweets, though, so I guess I should look into that.

I’m getting a little anxious to hear from people if they liked it. I haven’t heard from anyone that they hated it, anyway. The people who had read it at the party on Friday all seemed really excited about it, so I hope that feeling carries through.