Things Coming Along

I am done tail-tucking on the octagons and about halfway through with the squares. I should begin piecing things together this weekend, I imagine. I was going to sew my seams, but I’m now leaning toward crocheting them, just for strength. I swear to god, if this falls apart in the wash, I’m going to quit crocheting and become a weaver or something.

No, not until I have a workable Hill House afghan to give to C. & M. I have been wondering if I should call the afghan Hill House 2 or Return to Hill House. I like Return to Hill House.

I’m also fairly far along in my third attempt at a first chapter on Ashland. I’m taking it slow. Letting it be nerdy. Not aiming for more than a thousand words in any sitting.

I’m wondering if I should start a The Wolf’s Bane twitter or something. I could tweet the beasts from the bestiary or something. Just to drum up interest. I don’t know how to schedule tweets, though, so I guess I should look into that.

I’m getting a little anxious to hear from people if they liked it. I haven’t heard from anyone that they hated it, anyway. The people who had read it at the party on Friday all seemed really excited about it, so I hope that feeling carries through.


5 thoughts on “Things Coming Along

  1. I just got mine last night and stupid life and work require me to do other things today, but I made it to the weird tarot cards at Momma Phae’s (I hope that’s vague enough to not be any kind of spoiler) and I’m enjoying it enormously. I have thoughts, if you want to hear them, that I’ll hold until the end, but if it helps to know, know that I am loving it – enough that my husband has decided he wants to read it when I’m done.

  2. Ooo, so I think I’ll open a thread on Monday that’s specifically devoted to discussion of the book, that way people who don’t want spoilers can stay out and the rest of us can talk. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

  3. DO EEET PLEASE thank you.

    Twitter lets you schedule tweets, but you have to pay for them via Twitter ads. Also, their information page uses the word “calendared,” which means I have beaten my monitor to death in incoherent pedantic rage.

    Also, HootSuite lets you schedule tweets free, I believe. I’m sure others can suggest alternates.

  4. I am in the middle of reading another book, so I haven’t gotten to TWB yet. Also, I’m all conflicted: I do most of my reading on the bus, and I know that if I go to sticking TWB into my bag and lugging it around and dragging it out to read I will mess it up. Which I am oh so reluctant to do. So I may have to read it only at home, which will make it go veeeeeery slowly, but I will still have a nice artifact. I guess I’ll have to decide this weekend.

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