I Start the Return to Hill House

And so it begins.

And so it begins.

2 thoughts on “I Start the Return to Hill House

  1. How are you getting that pattern effect? Is it color-changing yarn, or are you switching colors like every few stitches?

  2. Both. Each square uses 5 different yarns, so I picked variegated and one self-striping. I tried to pick yarns that had matching browns so that the yarn changes would be harder to pick out, because the browns from one row would bleed over into the browns from another. On the first afghan I was hoping this would lead to more feelings of unsettledness, since the squares in each row are crooked and it’s hard to get a feeling for the boundaries of each square. This time, though, I thought that would work better if there was one row you could always count on picking out, so this afghan differs in that one row in each square is a solid color, in this case, the tan of the second row. I would like to do a solid color version of this afghan, too, just because there’s a lot of really gorgeous curving that’s happening in each row that’s hard to make out in these squares.

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