A Little Eye-Rolling

I don’t want to end up in any round-ups or in any big way a part of the larger discussion, but I read Mary Robinette Kowal’s comment here and I just want to say that, when you get to a certain age, you recognize the ways that good people who don’t consider themselves sexist reinforce some pretty sexist notions. A big one is that, when a man “upsets” a woman in a professional context, it’s a private matter to be worked out between the two of them, and when a woman “upsets” a man in a professional context, her (male) boss may need to weigh in on it.

And here we are.

6 thoughts on “A Little Eye-Rolling

  1. I had not heard of that particular wrinkle. I realize that Tor is being forced to walk a very fine line here, but damn. I think they stepped over it this time.

  2. It galls me that if you’re an employee in certain highly visible areas you’re apparently no longer able to express your own opinions. Apparently it wasn’t suitably distanced from her employer even though it was her personal Facebook page. You basically lose your first amendment privileges if there’s any chance someone will actually pay attention to you.

  3. I just realized I totally glossed over your point for my own pet rant. Sorry about that. If I could figure out how, I would delete it.

  4. No, I think your pet rant is also really important. I try to draw a pretty firm line between my own online life and my work, but, you know, I know some stuff because of my work. I know work people as friends and I’m excited for them and proud of their accomplishments. I also think some people I know through work are jerks. Some of those feelings may leak through here or on Facebook. I try not to, but I’m imperfect about it. I don’t like feeling like I at all times must represent my employer. And I really resent the idea that people can, in bad faith, argue that, of course I do, and try to get me fired.

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