Just a Truth About Me

Some things have happened that make it clear that “Maybe I suck as a writer” is just some bullshit my brain tells me to make me unhappy. But I had to laugh today when I realized that recent events mean that even my stupid brain can’t make that script fly anymore. Now I’ll have to content myself with making myself miserable with worry that I’ll never write anything as good as x again.


2 thoughts on “Just a Truth About Me

  1. My stupid brain still tries that, too. I suppose, though, if our brains did not do that, then we’d be arrogant and insufferable. Even Neil Gaiman says he feels like everything he writes goes through the ‘worst thing ever’ phase.

  2. This makes you human.

    Thank dog for that, because we’d be even more afraid to pet you gently on the arm and gaze at you in awe than we already are. ;D

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