Look What Came in the Mail!

What’s this? Oh, just some paperwork I have to fill out today.


I’m acting cool, but believe me, I am freaking out. I am so elated. In my mind, this is one of The Big Boys. I assumed you had to have an agent or a million publishing credits or… I just never really thought this was a possibility and now I’m filling out at W-9. I mean, you guys, they’re a print magazine. And they’re going to run my story.


7 thoughts on “Look What Came in the Mail!

  1. I just want to say, too, even though I know you guys know this, since you’ve been around for a while, but a lot is happening in a very short amount of time–The Wolf’s Bane, the anthology and the thing last night, the Apex sale, this sale, the con invite. But I just want to remind myself that this is the result of having a lot of irons in the fire, many of them for a very long time. Things are both happening all at once and kind of giving the illusion of happening all at once. Some things have been happening for years at such a slow pace I thought it might break me.

  2. In my mind, this is one of The Big Boys

    It’s not just in your mind. F&SF, Clarkesworld, Apex, Lightspeed, Subterranean, maybe Strange Horizons, maybe Asimov’s: these are your publishers of Nebula and Hugo Award winning short fiction. You will have shown up in two of that pretty exclusive circle pretty soon; accustom yourself to thinking that you can legitimately take your place in a talented gang.

  3. Not enough keys on the keyboard to type all the WOOs and HOOs, madam. It’s been a long time coming, but we told ya that a change was gonna come. And it’s been a good one.

    May the change continue to be positive in your life. You deserve it.

  4. That’s amazing! So much congratulations to you, and I cant wait to read it! Like nm said, this is BIG for real. Wow. Just wow. And do well-damn-deserved.

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