Should He Ever Catch a Bunny

Sometimes I think of how Sonnyboy did not even know how to run when we first got him, especially when he’s running after bunnies. I feel kind of bad about letting him chase them, but I don’t believe he’s ever going to catch one, so I hope they enjoy a good “whooo” first thing in the morning, as their heartbeats pick up and they sprint for the underbrush. And I enjoy watching him go and the way he circles back to me, big smile on his face, tongue lolling out, like “Damn, that was awesome.”

I think about how, when I was little, I’d get a new pair of shoes and I’d zip around the shoe store, convinced that I was running faster than I ever had before. Zip zip zip.

And I know he never had that. Today, when he took off after those rabbits and he ran as fast as I’ve ever seen him run, that was as fast as he’d ever ran. It was a countable number of times he’d ever run in his whole life. I didn’t count, so I don’t know. but less than 100. He’s run less than 100 times in his whole life. And every time he has run, it’s been with us, since we’ve owned him.

The other thing that amazes me, and would have greatly surprised me when we first got him and he was all “eyes? whatever. Who cares about eyes? I just use mine to feel your feet with.” is that he sees those rabbits, fifty yards off, and he looks for them as soon as we get to the AT&T yard.

I don’t know. Maybe one day he will figure out how to catch one and I’ll feel bad about not putting a stop to it.

But right now, I love to watch him do it. I love to see how happy it makes him.


One thought on “Should He Ever Catch a Bunny

  1. I love how SonnyBoy gets to have a life now. And he’s so joyous about it! (At least some parts.)
    And unless he’s right on a rabbit when it starts-or it’s on death’s door-the odds are good he won’t ever catch one. My dogs have tried for years with an average of 1 a year at most.

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