Worlds Collide

Sonnyboy tried to convince Sam to leave his wife and just live in the living room of my house, in a big pile of dog hair and happiness for the rest of their lives.

But, before that, we had hot chicken and talked politics and writing and how quickly/slowly things change.


3 thoughts on “Worlds Collide

  1. If I had a backpack-mounted shop vac and some body armor, I would so take Sonnyboy up on the offer. He’s a relentless charmer.

    It was great spending a few hours hanging out with you, B. We’ll try to bring the Second Boss next time, even if she’s too young yet to get into The Station Inn. Oh, and did I tell you that East Side Story is really cool? We loved our little visit there. Hell, all Nashville needs is light rail, and I’d put it on the retirement list.

  2. I sometimes think the only protection he’d be against a home invader is that he’d be so insistent in wanting the bad guy to just rub his belly that the bad guy would have to acquiesce.

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