I think Alyssa Rosenberg makes a good case that Go Set a Watchman could have been a good book, if it had been developmentally edited, and that, even as it is now, it does some important things.

But I’m unsurprised to see that the reviews coming out now are all about how not good the book is. Which, duh, how could it not be not good? It’s a draft.

And I find it shady as hell that Harper Lee is too deaf to ask about shit, but not too deaf that we shouldn’t take the word of the people who talked to her that she’s cool with everything.

I’m not reading it. I have a pile of good books I haven’t gotten to yet, many written by people who handed them to me so I feel confident that they’re cool with the books’ publication. So, that’s where I’m putting my eyes, assuming I get some spare moments to read.


2 thoughts on “Welp

  1. I haven’t decided on whether to read it, but if I do it will be in a few years after the fervor has died down. I just have such a bad feeling about it, most of which centers around the reasons you list. But also, if I read it Scout will be a grown-up and I don’t want her to grow up. I want her to remain an innocent child.

  2. This whole thing is such a mess and I have serious reservations about how it all came about. I don’t want to deny Harper Lee any agency, but something has been completely off about this from the beginning and it makes me very anxious that she is being taken terrible advantage of.

    I also hate the hot takes that are ignoring the history of this book and what the writing and editorial process is actually like. I have also occasionally felt like screaming into the void a reminder that Atticus Finch is a fake person but Harper Lee is very much a real one.

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