Good Day

I’ve really been struggling this July to not be in a funk. But yesterday, I had lunch with nm, talked to the Professor for three hours! and then I’m taking today and tomorrow off to read and write and crochet and listen to podcasts. And early vote. And maybe tour a house or something.

I need to clear my head and just get out of my feelings for a bit.


3 thoughts on “Good Day

  1. Not to pry, but what podcasts do you listen to? I’m a big fan of the ones that puts out.

  2. I love The Dollop. I think you have to have a particular sense of humor to enjoy it, but I think I have that sense in spades, because it cracks me up. It’s a history podcast by two guys who don’t know anything about history, so every week is them discovering some horrible fucked up shit about American history. Last week, we learned what a terrible drunkard Jefferson Davis was as a kid and about a riot he was in at West Point.

    I like Welcome to Night Vale and All Songs Considered. And I try to never miss an episode of The Horror Show with Brian Keene. I also like Ditch Diggers with Mur Lafferty and Matt Wallace.

    Those are my faves.

  3. The Dollop actually sounds kind of like me lately. I’ve been trying to read up on how NYC came to be what it is today and there’s always horrible fucked up shit lurking around the corner.

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