Days off, Glorious Days off

On this manuscript, I’ve been writing about 1,500 words at a sitting, which I was having about three days a week. Yesterday, I got 4,000 words down and today I got another 2,000.

Are they any good? Who knows?

Did anyone fuck a ghost? No.

Do I have mixed feelings about that? Yes.


4 thoughts on “Days off, Glorious Days off

  1. Apropos of utterly nothing, but the fake food on the kitchen table came from Hobby Lobby and recently. I know this because my aunt ended up using some exactly like it for some kind of table decoration and then sent it on to me for B to play with. Some of the tags were still on. I recognize the two wedges of cheese, the pumpkin, crook-neck squash, and seeded loaf of bread.
    It amused me that I noticed and recognized it.

  2. I have no words today. And it should be a good scene! Skeptic meets ghost. Skeptic must reevaluate life. But it’s more going “Ghost makes skeptic eggs and they bond over the gullibility of ghost hunters.” Which, you know, I find funny, but other than breakfast and bonding, I don’t quite know what this scene is doing. It’s definitely not doing what it needs to be doing. Probably because I had included the skeptic in my “slaughter, slaughter, slaughter” category and I wonder if he’s easing out.

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