My nephews were here this weekend and my youngest nephew must be a good foot taller than than he was the last time I saw him. It was so nice. They are funny and fun to hang out with and my god, my oldest nephew has become a beautiful guitarist.

But it made me laugh that the one song my dad, my brother, and my nephew can all play is “Light My Fire,” which they play as some kind of cross between the original and Jose Feliciano’s version. And my nephew knows a ton of old Metallica, which also pleased me.

And the Butcher was pleased because my nephew knew a guitar tuning app which meant that the guitar that his girlfriend’s boy had set the pegs all flat on got put right. And my dad was pleased because he tuned it by ear while my nephew was futzing with the phone and my dad was only slightly off on one string. “My A is always true,” he explained.


3 thoughts on “Nephews

  1. Those old Metallica albums are like textbooks for teenage guitarists. I remember the kid from high school whose house we’d always go and get stoned at because his mom worked at the Mitsubishi plant until 3 am had an older cousin who would come over and drill him on Metallica. I swear he practically rapped his knuckles.

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