Things to Think About

1. Ursula LeGuin arguing that Harper Lee’s betrayal at the hands of the publishing industry started a while ago. A long, long while ago.

2. Ugh, this makes me kind of sick to my stomach. Although, my grandpa did have an uncle, Barlow Phillips, and I have long thought that Barlow Phillips is the most awesome name ever.

1st Draft Done?

I dislike the ending. Not the broad strokes, but some of the finer points. But I had to restart it four times, so I’m not distressed by the thought that I’m going to majorly rework the ending here in a few days.

Then my plan is to read the whole thing and make some notes and then work to get it into a shape I feel I’m ready to share with readers. I have 71,500 words, roughly. I imagine this is quite a bit shorter than my show-the-world draft will end up being since, already, I think I might need a few earlier scenes and, like I said, the ending needs some work. But the shape of the thing is there.