Jury Duty

I had jury duty yesterday. I got seated on a jury, but didn’t make it through the selection process. And I get it. Looking at it from the lawyers’ perspective, my hobby is having opinions on the internet. I wouldn’t want me on a jury. But it still hurt my feelings. Which made the Butcher laugh at me. Which was well-deserved.


4 thoughts on “Jury Duty

  1. I know how you feel. The last time I had jury duty they called me back in to question me privately about some things. I felt like they didn’t like me very much, but after some reflection I realized that they don’t have to like me. I think it’s a woman thing sometimes – we want everyone to like us and it shocks us when someone doesn’t. But not everyone has to like us and our self-worth shouldn’t be dependent upon some stranger liking us or not. It’s tough to shake years of indoctrination.

  2. Right? But it felt a little like getting picked last for a team or something. Like I was just wracking my brain trying to decide what I’d done wrong. Even though, come on! You can’t put a person who regularly blogs about politics and justice and such on a jury if you have other choices. But it did feel like I’d done something wrong or at least that I wasn’t cool enough or something.

  3. I have been rejected four times, maybe. Now I feel it has no bearing on me personally, but it does speak very poorly of a system that is averse to critical thinkers.

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