Some Observations

–Since I only have seventeen more squares to go, I feel like I’m almost at the end of the tripping jaguar afghan. But I can only do two or three squares a night, which means I’m still quite a way from the end of the afghan. I am now in the portion of the afghan I hate. I mean, I hate this afghan. I will love it again the first time I spread the squares all out on my bed and get a sense of what the final thing will look like. And I’ll love it the most when it’s all put together and drying and looks fantastic. But right now, every time I look at it, I’m just like “Seventeen is not that many. Why are you taking so long?!”

–I didn’t get Birdman. I mean, I got it. But, for me, it was like an overly elaborate kite that didn’t ever catch wind. The Butcher loved it. He laughed at parts the rest of us didn’t laugh at. He marveled at things. He was wowed by the ending. The Red-Headed Kid liked it, but the ending pissed him off so much that he went on this rant and then stormed out of the house.

–The Butcher thinks we should get a corgi that we could use to round up Sonnyboy when he runs off to the neighbor’s.

3 thoughts on “Some Observations

  1. Birdman reminded me of stuff I had to read in college. Yes, I see what it’s doing. Yes, I get the Meta Commentary ™. Yes, I can appreciate the craft of the thing. No, I don’t really like it.

  2. That’s how I felt about it, too. I couldn’t ever get past the artifice. Like, I just saw what it was doing every step of the way, instead of being able to fall into the story.

  3. I think it was made by theater people, for theater people. Which is fine. But I think that’s why it was over praised.

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