So Very Close, So Not Close

I had to lay out the tripping jaguar afghan to motivate myself into believing that it is close and that it will eventually be done. I just have fourteen more squares to do. I think it’s really amazing looking. I’m not blocking the individual squares before I sew them together. I may regret that, but I figure the seams will help pull the squares square in the end. Plus, I have a spot I can dry the afghan–the bed covered in towels. I don’t have a good place to block 63 individual squares. Well, except the bed. But, damn it, I’m not blocking the same square twice!!!

Anyway, I’m pleased with how this is going. It reminds me of some modernist artist’s work, but I can’t place who. I was thinking Klimt but I looked through his gallery and no, that’s definitely not it.

I think my favorite thing about this color scheme is that it looks like the colors metals become as they oxidize. Some scientist is going to look at this and go–copper, iron, brass, etc.

jaguar 14 shy

5 thoughts on “So Very Close, So Not Close

  1. That wasn’t who I had in mind, but looking through his paintings, whoa. I could make a lot of afghans that looked like that and be very happy about them.

  2. 1. That afghan is starting to look pretty awesome.
    2. One of the Gee’s Bend quilters, after they first got some notice in the 1960s, clearly invested some of her income in art books and/or museum visits, and started producing quilts that were clearly formally influenced by Rothko and some other modern painters (in a “yeah, I can do that too,” sort of way, not in a “here, buy a quilt of a Rothko painting,” kind of way). The results were striking.

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