It Never Gets Out of Me

I’ve probably talked about this a million times already, but I love this song. I was listening to it yesterday and not only do I love the guitar part which has a little unexpected swinging kick to it, and I love how she’s like, “what you do to me, baby, it never gets out of me.” Whew. It just blows my mind. It sounds like the truth about certain people.

But it also may be the only song I can think of where a mother-in-law is mentioned positively, as someone who might be on the side of the singer.

This is one of the songs I’m most curious about hearing the original women do it live, because there definitely is something about it that, recorded, seems kind of dour, but I wonder about, in a crowd, if people are dancing real close and slyly.

2 thoughts on “It Never Gets Out of Me

  1. I hear that line differently. I think the son is asking for his body to be sent “to his mother, Lawd.” Although why she’d want it if all he was going to do is rot in a field behind her house and get picked clean by buzzards is more than I can tell.

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