The Tripping Jaguar Dries on My Bed

HOLY SHIT! I want to make ten of these. Maybe not ten. But damn. Damn. Damn.

finished jaguar 1

Here’s the whole thing, laying on towels, drying out.

finished jaguar 2

Here it is up closer. You can see that some of the squares aren’t lying flat, which is probably always going to be a slight issue for the afghan, unless it surprises me in the next few hours.

finished jaguar 3

I think what I really like about it is how the self-striping yarn and the imperfect nature of the squares works together to really make it seem as if all parts are interesting to look at.

finished jaguar 4

Even the back turned out really lovely.

jaguar stripes

But see what I mean? Here’s the exact same yarn, just worked up into rows. And it’s fine, possibly lovely, even. It will make a cheery baby blanket for a winter baby. But it doesn’t quite do it the way the squares do.

4 thoughts on “The Tripping Jaguar Dries on My Bed

  1. Oh, right! Yes, here’s the best part. It’s Lion Brand Yarn–Amazing, in the Arcadia colorway. It’s somewhat pricey compared to the Red Heart yarn I use for most afghans, but I watched for sales and shopped around, so it wasn’t too bad. I bought 25 skeins, but I ended up with 4 left over, so I overestimated what I’d need.

  2. Thanks! The squares do awesome things with the stripes (as you note). I wonder how it’d look with an entrelac…

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