Orange Cat, Yellow Dog

When the black dog is here, Sonnyboy follows him around outside, peeing where he’s peed, sometimes attempting to get beneath him to prevent him from peeing on anything but Sonnyboy. It’s weird, but who can understand the ways of dogs? It’s also nice because, when you call the black dog, who knows his name and comes when he’s called, the yellow dog follows.

He’s not bright and he kind of prefers someone else to be in charge. No shame in that, Sonnyboy.

Yesterday, he tried to follow the cat around the yard in the same manner. Which shows the limits to the “I’ll let you pee on me, if you just tell me what to do,” approach to life. Because cat pee stinks. I owe the cat one for failing to deliver.

4 thoughts on “Orange Cat, Yellow Dog

  1. I would usually attribute the peeing over where the other male dog has peed to a desire for dominance, or at least to keep the other dog from claiming the territory. Especially with Sonnyboy getting in the black dog’s way like that.
    Javert gets especially eager to pee over any other dog’s pee come springtime and he will try his damnedest to even if literally noting comes out, maybe a drip or a bit of mist…
    It may be instinct or it may be just that Sonnyboy wants to make sure the black dog means to SHARE the space with him and not drive him off it.
    Dogs are funny creatures, and it would seem that male dogs are especially so.

  2. I definitely think that Sonnyboy is trying to strike a balance of “I will share with you, but I don’t want this not to also smell like me.”

  3. And I imagine the orange cat was all “What!?” at being followed by SonnyBoy. Or else he just didn’t care at all. Cats, you know.

  4. I swear, that cat walks around like he’s the shepherd of a great flock of idiots. He kind of rolled his eyes at the dog like “This is dumb, but at least you’re not eating poop.”

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