Busy is as Busy Does

I’m really, technically, only through Monday of this week and I’m already exhausted and ready for the weekend. I have something every night this week. A lot is going on at work. It’s just a busy time. As it is, every year. Which I’m trying to keep in mind so that I don’t start to feel like I’ve lost my fool mind.

Yesterday, I either ate a piece of rat poop in my trail mix or a rotten peanut and it was horrible unlike anything I have ever experienced. My whole mouth flooded with the taste of poop and yet, nothing I spit out lessened it. I tried to barf, but it was no use. And all day, I felt like I could still smell it.

I still kind of think I can smell it. I know that’s just in my head, but it was so gross.

And I have my outfit for my reading at The Porch next week! It’s a literary costume party so I have a witch hat and a string of elephant bells and I’m going as…wait for it…the Bell Witch.

S. just brought me my witch’s hat, which I am now wearing because it makes me laugh.