I best not be getting sick. I’m hoping this sneeze is just an allergy Claritin can’t touch. Tonight, I’m reading ghost stories, which, if you think about it, is pretty wild. Stuff I wrote here half a decade ago is still bringing…whatever…joy/thrills/something other than boredom to people.

My parents were briefly in town twice to go to my niece’s birthday party and then to return from it.

We had dinner last night with the black dog’s family and it’s really wild to see how much the little girl has gone from a baby to a child. And she’s delightfully bossy. She’s already thinking about what she wants to give her mom for Christmas so she was asking her dad to take her to the grocery store. He didn’t get that it was to buy a Christmas present, so he refused, and she was all “Well, I can’t go to the grocery store by myself. I’m just a little girl.”

It killed me.

I tried to sing “Once Upon a Dream” to her in my magical fairy voice, but it was too high a key for me to do very well. I should have gone for sultry.