Update on Learning New Things

tunisian front

I love the texture of this so much. If I look too closely, I can still see how I kind of fucked up the early corners, but I think this stitch and this yarn is very forgiving of mistakes. It’s said to be a mixture of crocheting and knitting, but that’s only in technique, I think. This isn’t a texture I’m used to getting with either.

tunisian back

On the back, if you don’t look at it too carefully, I think it’s easy to mistake this for knitting. But it looks very different up close. Also, weirdly, this side is really soft. I think the puffy loops must be the reason.

3 thoughts on “Update on Learning New Things

  1. This makes me want to learn Tunisian crochet (I have not crocheted since childhood; I’m a knitter now.)

  2. That’s the neatest hybrid of the two! Never seen it before you mentioned it before, but it’s truly pretty. And that yarn is very nice too.

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