Crochet Question

I’m nowhere, I mean, nowhere near done on the Tunisian crochet afghan (though, wow, is it really calming and nice to do while watching tv or listening to podcasts), but I’ve been thinking of how cool/funny it would be to make a granny square afghan–like an old-school different color every row, traditional–granny square afghan with big bulky yarn and a huge hook, so that the squares are comically large.

But I can’t find any examples online of anyone else doing this, which makes me worried that there’s some unforeseen reason to not do this. Some terrible problem that can’t be overcome.

Do any of you know of one?

I suppose it’s also possible no one has pictures of this because it’s super easy and nothing special. But I’d still like to see one.

Oh, wait! I found this. Okay, so it can be done and I think would amuse me.