Too Close to Home

My favorite thing about TANIS this week was how they dealt with the discomfort of reading history for vast conspiracies. It’s one thing to say that Charlemagne was looking for Tanis. It’s another thing to suggest that Kurt Cobain was killed over it.

But where’s the line? I find it really curious that I saw nothing wrong with giving Jack Parsons over to fiction, but I was uncomfortable with L. Ron Hubbard being used in that way, even though they’re contemporaries and, if anyone would love becoming a legend, I imagine it’s Hubbard.

I can’t say why Hubbard seemed for me “too soon.” But I thought this week’s episode, in which Nick is really uncomfortable with a conspiracy theorist who crosses his “too soon” line, did a good job of making clear that the show isn’t unwittingly pressing these buttons.

Poopeaters Anonymous

Someone in this house, who had been cooped up by the rain all day yesterday, went gallivanting around on our walk, eating all the poop he could find, which, for some reason, seemed to be a never-ending buffet. Like, did every animal in the neighborhood just come to our walking path to poop this morning?!

We came in the house and I fed everyone and I went into the other room to eat my own breakfast and the Butcher came into the kitchen and found another piece of poop by Sonnyboy’s bowl.


He brought some poop in the house to have for a snack later.