Sadie used to say “no.” If she was done walking, she’d just plop down and make moving her your problem. If she didn’t want her nails cut, she’d just put her mouth over your hand and wait for you to figure it out.

Sonnyboy doesn’t say “no” to things. It’s just not in his disposition.

Except when it comes to these eardrops. No, he does not like them. No, he will not come into the bathroom to get them. Okay, they weren’t that bad, but no, he will not let me wipe in his ears with this Kleenex…oh, wait. That feels good.

No to drops! Yes to deep ear scratches with tissue paper! And just like that, he’s my happy dog again.


One thought on “No

  1. Honey practically hangs from the ceiling if we threaten to clip her claws. Passive resistance can take many forms, but I love the idea of Sadie putting her mouth over your hand. We had an Afghan called Gus – he never got the idea of retrieving. We’d throw a stick for him and he’d go and guard it, waiting for us to catch up.

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