Another Old Person Rant

My phone physically works. It’s not broken in the sense of broken in reality. The screen is fine. The body is fine. It is in one piece.

But 50% of the time, if not more, it won’t let me answer calls. It’s pretty regularly failing to connect with wi-fi.

It’s got some programming issue. My guess is that it’s too old to keep up with the newest iteration of the operating system.

And I find that really irritating. They lose interest in keeping my phone relevant and that makes it “broken” in a way that means I need a new phone.

It’s going to suck if cars get to this point–“oh, sorry, we just don’t fix cars that are five years old.”


4 thoughts on “Another Old Person Rant

  1. I know what you mean. I just bought a new phone after four years — not the longest I’ve had a single cell phone by the way, but the reality is that not everyone wants to — or can afford to — replace something every year or so just because a shiny new one comes out. I like my old click wheel iPod that I’ve had since 2009. It’s dying a slow death.

  2. That’s the other thing that irritates me. I’m not renting the phone. If I have to haul my cable box in every couple of years and swap it for one that can do all the nifty new things my cable company wants to do, fine. They don’t charge me for a new one. It’s built into the cost of the cable.

    But, if I buy something, I expect it to work until it actually breaks. That’s supposed to be the benefit of buying something–as long as I take care of it, it works. If something breaks, I can get it fixed.

    It irritates me that this is not the case with my phone. It’s the only thing I own that works this way.

  3. That’s what pisses me off about new(computerized) cars. I have 2 cars, a 40 year old Beetle and a 12 year old Mazda pickup. It’s easier to get parts for the Beetle even though the pickup is way newer and lots of them are still on the road. I’m having to go to Ebay to get affordable electronic dohickeys for the truck. In 5 years it’s going to really suck.

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