The Franklins and Justice

Two things.

  1. When you read about the grave, immeasurable evil Isaac Franklin did, you can’t help but hope that there’s some measure of justice. That, maybe, he was personally miserable. And, frankly, if Isaac Franklin wasn’t personally miserable, then you know he was a psychopath, because so many, so very, very many people in his family died and died and died and died. But it doesn’t feel even.
  2. One thing my kind driver pointed out as we drove around the Gallatin outskirts is that most people out there have horse farms because there’s not a lot of top soil. Thin layer and then rock. Driving around, you can see all the rock just poking through the grass. If you had a 1000 acres of land for actual farming, you needed about a hundred slaves to work the farm. I just don’t see how Fairvue had that many acres of farm land. They could have farmed in the creek bottoms and the river bottom, but that wasn’t a thousand acres. So what was he doing with all the slaves he kept at Fairvue?