Poor Dog

The dog is feeling puny once again. He went for a walk this morning, but he didn’t jump up and down in gleeful anticipation and he didn’t drag me up the hill. He seemed a little better after he pooped, but then he went and slept on the couch until it was time to see if I was making a roast beef sandwich and needed protection from any rouge roast beef.

The new worm medicine I gave him does have lethargy as a side-effect, so I’m trying not to panic, and to give it a few days to work through his system. But I really wish I had a way right this second to see what was going on in my house and to make sure he’s okay.

I mean, I’m sure he’s just napping, but I still worry.

I just can’t do it again, not yet, you know?


4 thoughts on “Poor Dog

  1. I hear you. We just lost the 2 year old cat to his bad eating habits. It was his second visit to the e-vet in 8 months; this one didn’t end as well as the first. The point, though–the kitten, who shows no sign at all of chewing All The Things Under Heaven, still worries me. Like, he didn’t want his breakfast totally this morning, so obviously he’s got something tangled in his guts and he’s dying right now. No, he’s napping in the sun and he’s teething. His mouth hurts. But still, I worry. My heart hurts too much from the last one.

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