Giant Granny Square

When you decide you want to make a giant granny square afghan, it’s pretty hard to sit around finishing the Tunisian crochet afghan without wondering, “But how hilariously awesome is the giant granny square afghan going to be?”

Readers, it’s going to be this awesome:


Just dwell on that. It’s one square. It covers my whole lap. It is hilariously awesome.

But no more until I’m done with the current afghan.

2 thoughts on “Giant Granny Square

  1. I just realized that I grew up with an afghan like that, but all white with added fringe. And I suddenly understand why my mother never wanted to explain how it was made.

    She was totally messing around, created something cool, and then was too embarrassed to admit it. I’m laughing so hard right now.

  2. The colors on that square are my favorite of the ones you’ve done so far. The white makes it pop a little.

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