Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I looked over my copyedits and signed my contract with Apex yesterday for “The Four Gardens of Fate.” It’ll be out soon, then, is my understanding. Unless something goes horribly wrong, look for it in February.

Since I had to approve the copyedits, I had to reread it and, yep, I think it’s a good one.

But, still, a very different timetable from F&SF, and, frankly, from my last go round with Apex. I mention this only to point out that there’s no one publishing process. Everything is its own thing, different every time.

Oh, holy shit! I just realized, now that I have both contracts, I can become a full member of the SFWA.

So, ha ha ha, that’s another thing about publishing. All this (imagine my hand sweeping grandly over all the stories here, all the stories elsewhere, A City of Ghosts, The Wolf’s Bane, two trunked novels, one novel I’ve just started shopping, and so on) and I just have three pro sales.

I can’t tell if that should be depressing or if this is what a trajectory looks like.