One Square Does Not Make the Cut

I’ve been fiddling around trying to figure out what my next couple of afghans are going to be like. I auditioned three squares this evening.

Full Member!

I became a full member of the SFWA yesterday! They accepted my forthcoming stories as proof of professional sales.

That makes it sound more precarious than it was, but I did wonder if the contracts would be enough or if I would have to have stories in hand.

I think it’s good to have something tangible to show yourself–like your SFWA membership–when you’re shopping a story or looking for an agent. The hardest part is that you work so damn hard and then you just have to hear “no” a lot and you wonder, shoot, does my writing suck? I don’t think it sucks. Does my judgment suck? Oh god, if my judgment sucks, then how can I know anything is true? Should I be living on a boat? I never even once considered living on a boat, but what do I know about anything?!

So, it’s good to have something indisputable to look at to say, “Hey, you did well enough to earn this.”