The Giant Granny Square Afghan

It turned out even better than I hoped. Something about the large scale of it makes it really look more like a piece of art than a useful afghan, but it also appears to be very sturdy and I can attest to its comfy warmth. I also think I really lucked out on the colors. I’m not exactly sure why they all work together so well, but they do. I think it may be because of how green that blue is, so you end up with two colors that compliment the red.


3 thoughts on “The Giant Granny Square Afghan

  1. I love things that have two kinds of beauty, of which this is undeniably an example. Because I think I remember your early posts about the quilt, I can see the perseverance and the patience that went into making it, as well as the evidently pleasing result. It makes you feel warm just to look at it!

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