What Changes a Life

I had a weird, but really interesting morning yesterday. I spent it with a guy who told me about how he’d changed his life after a DMT trip.

Apparently, taking this trip made him realize that he hated himself and that a lot of the destructive or unproductive things he was doing with himself were because of this self-hatred and he realized that this self-hatred was stupid because we are just a small part of a large and mysterious universe. A tiny speck.

So, he got his shit together. He went to counseling. He started a vigorous and interesting religious study that’s now very meaningful to him. He’s made peace with himself.

It’s not the kind of conversation you think you’re going to have with a stranger on an ordinary day, but I feel really honored to have had it.

I told him how I always experience Two Boots as a weird, mystical place. Not in a grand “woo woo” way, but just in a mundane, but nicely strange way–people dancing or singing along to the music, interesting conversations being held, that kind of thing. So, we went there for lunch and a woman at another table was eating her pizza and wearing a huge gold crown.

“See?” I asked. “I told you so.”

One thought on “What Changes a Life

  1. See, this is why I (old fogy that I am) don’t 100% understand ecstasy/molly. LSD, mescaline, DMT and like that all help you get in touch with your psychological insides, often in a very helpful way. All that “doors of perception” stuff sounds pretentious, but the effect is real. And it ought to be taken seriously: not that it always has to be a sacred ceremony, but one ought to use it in ways that allow paying attention to what’s being opened up. So I don’t understand using it as a party drug, or adding speed to go dancing, or whatever. Why mess with something that powerful if you’re not going to avail yourself of the power?

    /old person’s rant

    It sounds like listening to what he was telling was a very cool experience.

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