7 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Want a Story about a Witch?

  1. You find the best stories. I have teared up in my office and am hoping like hell I don’t have a student walk in.

  2. Oh boy… Your blog’s ad software posted an ad for the Bradley Cooper movie “Burnt” immediately under this entry’s text, so I thought it was part of the entry, so I thought it was about witches! It took me almost a full minute to figure out that’s not what was going on. But it was really weird for a little while. And creepy. Creepy weird.

  3. I think we can all agree that most Bradley Cooper movies would be 100% improved by the addition of witches. Clearly, the universe is trying to make that happen by mashing the two together until it happens.

    Ursula Vernon is just so damn good. I really enjoy her stuff.

  4. Oh, I knew this would be sad, but oh no. It makes me want to go home and scratch my (born wild) piggy. And he does have large, sharp tusks that would cut an artery real quick.

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