Hmms, a Series of Hmms

  1. I see people already saying that they’re not going to read the issue of Apex I’m in because of their distaste for one of the other authors. So, that sucks for me.
  2. I have pieced together my first big square in the Grateful Dead afghan to see how it looks, so that I feel motivated to continue to make so many little squares. It’s awesome.
  3. I think you could probably tell something about how my writing is going by how my crocheting is going, but I did have a breakthrough on the Napier piece and I think I have a good draft.
  4. I’d like to have a great draft, but I can’t get the person who could give me access to the Napier papers to call or email me back.
  5. I have a fear, which I hope is unjustified, but I don’t know, that the reason this person isn’t letting me see the Napier papers is because she can’t find them. I’m going to continue to believe that, even if that’s true, they’re still there, just lost and not gone lost.
  6. I guess the thing about 1. that makes me feel most icky is that I think it’s absolutely right that, if you don’t like someone because of their atrocious behavior, you’re not obligated to read their stories or support their art or to support the places that would give them an outlet. I think the readers are doing the right thing. I also think that I don’t want editors making decisions about stories based on authors’ reputations. I want them to publish the stories they like (though, obviously, personal feelings do shape what we like), regardless of who writes them, because I don’t want editors to turn into the police of whether we all have the right kinds of politics. So, I guess that what’s happening is exactly right. But man, you know, I didn’t get to choose what issue my story was going in. I didn’t have any say in who else was going to be in the issue. And I worked really hard on that story. I want it to rise or fall based on whether people like the story, whether I have succeeded or failed. And that’s not going to happen and it bums me out.

2 thoughts on “Hmms, a Series of Hmms

  1. 6. I am going to read your story, and other stuff in that issue. I may or may not read the objectionable person’s story. But I think it’s only fair to point out that the objections to the author in question aren’t exactly political, but are based on some fairly horrendous personal behavior.

  2. I think this is a good case of where the personal is political, though. Yes, her behavior was, at best, bizarre, horrendous, and abusive. But there are a lot of asshole writers who behave bizarrely, horrendously, and abusively. How much time are editors supposed to spend finding out if someone they want to publish is a terrible person? If she is blacklisted, then, basically, we have a situation where the ways that a small but recognizable cadre of white male writers behaves has no real downside for them, but when a woman of color acts the same way, she can’t get published. I don’t want that.

    I think what’s happening here is the right thing. It just also sucks for me.

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