Country Radio

At least one country station in rural Tennessee is playing Justin Timberlake’s “Drink You Away,” which I think has to be a result of there still being some local programming people AND his appearance with Chris Stapleton.

I also heard this song as I was driving the backroads of Tennessee and I was like, “Damn, this is going to be stuck in my head.” I’m a sucker for a good sing-along song. I did kind of wonder if someone this young, when she mentions Hank, means Sr. or Jr. Then I wondered where she was hearing either of them on the radio. But anyway, I like this song and I’m sad to learn that it’s getting caught up in the whole “But is it country?” debate. This is a good song. If it’s not country, who’s going to play it?


4 thoughts on “Country Radio

  1. I really like this song. I first heard it driving back to the airport after my dad’s funeral. It was a good song to hear at that moment. It’s more country than Sam Hunt, IMHO. And it’s nice to hear a new female singer.

  2. She’s one of the opening acts for Chris Stapleton’s upcoming Ryman stand..and was in the recent “New Women of Country” clearly some people are good with it–and I think they oughta be, too…

  3. The lyrics talk about “the highway FM” but I think she has to be talking about satellite radio. Nitpicking aside, it’s a great song.

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